Alpin Erlebnisbad Acquafun - Innichen Südtirol

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Alpine dreams of well-being

A restorative source of energy with a natural feel awaits you in San Candido: our alpine sauna world! Here you can strengthen your body's defenses and do something good for your health. Whether you prefer the Kneipp pool, laconium (Spartan sauna), cold water pool or steam bath - let yourself draw energy from the interplay of temperatures, and enjoy their invigorating effects. Experience unparalleled moments of relaxation in our South Tyrolean Sauna World!


Enjoy at Acquafun:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Bio sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Kneipp circuit
  • Vitality bar

Our Acquafun Sauna Guide

What do you need
for a sauna?

  • You should make enough time available for a full sauna session.
  • 1 towel large enough for you to lie on
  • 1 towel for drying yourself and 1 bathrobe
  • Bathing shoes
  • No jewellery, no spectacles, etc.: Metallic objects get very hot in a sauna (Valuable objects can be kept in lockers in the lobby).
  • The sauna is a strictly nude-only area.
  • Mobile phones & cameras may not be carried into the sauna area!

Benefits of the

  • Having a sauna is very beneficial for your well-being and it improves your quality of life. A sauna session induces physical and mental relaxation, and is a healthy cardiovascular exercise. It also has positive effects on the motor apparatus, and it relieves tensions.
  • Regular sauna baths (once to twice a week) boost the immune system.

Golden rules for
sauna bathers

  • Shower and dry yourself thoroughly before entering the sauna.
  • Choose the duration of your sauna session according to your liking but do not exceed 10-15 minutes.
  • Have 2 to 3 sauna sessions at a time with 30 minutes’ breaks in between!
  • Never enter the sauna with your bathing shoes or swimsuit on! Take off your shoes before entering. Drape a towel around your waist and/or chest.
  • No sweating on the wood! Always cover the bench with a towel before sitting or lying down. (Large sauna towels are available for a small extra charge at the cash desk.)

The various
types of sauna

  • The Finnish sauna is the traditional form of sauna, taken in temperatures ranging from 80 to 95°C. You have the choice between dry or wet heat sessions!
  • During a steam bath, temperature ranges from 40 to 55°C and relative humidity from 80 to 100%.
  • The main characteristics of an infrared sauna are a room temperature of 35° C and a natural thermal radiation. It is ideal for sauna novices. Sessions can last for up to half an hour.
  • The herbal or bio sauna is a low-temperature sauna (approx. 60°C). The active substances of herbs are vaporized through a filter, which makes it possible for the essential oils to produce their beneficial effects.

Kneipp cure

  • In order to cool your body, you have the choice between a shower, a Kneipp hose, a dousing showerhead, a plunge pool, an ice room, and a foot bath. Alternating hot and cold showers or baths stimulates the blood vessels of the skin. The Reverend S. Kneipp’s golden rule goes: “As much warmth as necessary, as much cold as possible.”
  • Important: the cooling process should begin in the parts of the body that are the farthest away from the heart, i.e. first in the feet, then in the legs, hands, arms, and finally in the chest. Always start with warm water. Repeat the hot-warm alternation twice, so that you finish off with cold water. Please always have a shower before using the plunge pool.

After the sauna

  • The cool-down phase should last at least as long as the warm-up phase: fresh air, cold showers, Kneipp effusions
  • The resting phase should last at least half an hour. Make sure that your feet stay warm.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of appropriate liquid refreshments after a sauna session: mineral water, non-alcoholic apple juice spritzer, juices rich in vitamins, herbal and fruit teas.
  • Make sure you have cooled down enough before getting dressed in order to avoid a new outbreak of sweating.


Finnish sauna
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